About Us

Awespaces is an interior design studio based in Bengaluru, focused on bringing together fine craftsmanship with the essence of individual sensibilities to create a unique and exquisite habitat. Collaborating with a team of experts specialized in interior design, architecture and decor, we strive to design one of a kind spaces infused with positive energy, to reflect your personality and vision.

Our philosophy is centred around creating bespoke spaces that emit positive energy and uncovering a distinct sophistication that is in synergy with our client’s temperament. We are able to achieve this through our work ethos which is driven by three principal values.


We draw inspiration from our clients’ visions and re-imagine them with intricacy and nuance. With a touch of finesse and dexterity, we aspire to create a place that goes beyond their expectations, a place that can be the best expression of their character.


We believe, behind every successful project lies a passionate team working alongside the client while expressing genuine enthusiasm and sincerity.

It is our responsibility to bring every client's vision to life. Therefore, we delve into their minds to understand their thought processes, choices and lifestyles. We analyze every facet to the best of our abilities to comprehend and absorb their exact requirements.

Our Services